Supporting Temple Sholom of Vancouver BC Canada and Reform Judaism around the world.

‚ÄčThe Sholom Fund

David Schwartz
Lawyer, board member of community organizations, past president of a Reform congregation.

Eric Andrew
Business leader and past president of a Reform congregation.

Debbi Seligman
Jewish Day School Teacher, active in her Reform congregation.

Ron Seligman
Certified Public Accountant, leader in a number of community organizations.

recent programs

Our current focus is on supporting Temple Sholom in its efforts to sponsor two Syrian Refugee families trying to immigrate to Vancouver, BC for family reunification.


Give to The Sholom Fund and we will work to make sure that your act of Tzedakkah supports Reform Jewish causes being advanced by Temple Sholom.

mission & vision

We aim to raise funds to support the work of Temple Sholom, a Canadian Reform congregation in Vancouver, BC Canada and their initiatives around the globe..

our leadership team

Reform Judaism is on the front line in the fight for the Jewish future.  What Reform Judaism does at this time in history will tell the tale of what becomes of the Jews, our ever-dying, yet also ever-resilient people.

Foundation History

  1. 2013 - Rabbi Moskovitz moves to Vancouver BC and becomes Senior Rabbi of Temple Sholom..
  2. 2013 - Friends of Rabbi Moskovitz in the US ask for ways to continue to support his work and vision for Reform Judaism.
  3. 2014-


    - The Sholom Fund is established as a vehicle to support Temple Sholom in its work to advance the values of Reform Judaism around the globe and specifically in Vancouver BC, Canada. 
  4. Temple Sholom agrees to sponsor 2 Syrian Refugee Families under the Canadian Private Sponsorship Program. The Sholom Fund is asked to support the project with USD donations.
  5. Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin is invited to be Temple Sholom's Scholar in Residence, an initiative made possible with SholomFund support.


Our founder